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What do we offer?

Biobab R&D develops and manufactures customized biological solutions to assist farmers in order to face and solve specific problems with the purpose of increase the crop production and the quality of the fruits and improving the health of the plants.

Biobab is owner of the technology and know-how.

Biobab products is based on:

  • PGPRs (Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria) products

  • Natural extracts

  • Combination of the above

  • Natural attractants and repellents

Biobab offers innovative products for agriculture. Biofertilization, Biostimulation and Biocontrol are our three areas of work. The products are environmentally friendly and safe handling.

We work on the development or customiced products for international companies on demand. We adapt to the problems foun in any area in the world to enter any market.

Our Solutions:

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